I want to improve social/emotional communication skills

I want to improve social/emotional communication skills

Emotional Quotient Inventory® (EQ-i) 2.0 or 360

If your goal is to improve social/emotional communication skills– this is the package for you.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage one's own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. It is a key skill for leaders, as it can help them to build strong relationships, manage conflict, and motivate their team.

The EQ-i is one of the most widely used emotional intelligence assessments. The EQ-i Leadership Report provides leaders a detailed assessment of areas of strength and potential areas for development across 5 scales and 15 subdimensions. Each assessment comes with a comprehensive report describing how an individual’s emotional quotient (EQ) competencies work together and also provides suggested strategies for bringing EQ competencies into balance for greater effectiveness.
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 This package includes: 

  •  Self-assessment survey (2.0) OR multi-rater/360 survey
  • Pre-Brief (30-min). A walkthrough of the assessment process and timeline, considerations for identifying prospective evaluators, and expectations for a report debrief.
  • Assessment Administration. Coordination support during the assessment process and delivery of assessment results.
  • Debrief Process (60-min). An in-depth debrief designed to distill insights from the report findings and lay the groundwork for future development.
  • Leadership Development Plan.  An action plan that outlines steps and learning activities for continued development.


  • Up to six 45-min biweekly 1:1 Zoom calls 
  • Access to call recordings 
  • Detailed session notes with outlined action steps 
  • Access to private client tools, templates, frameworks, and other resources on a secured platform
  • Unlimited messenger support during office hours
There are many benefits to emotional intelligence assessment for leaders. It can help leaders to:
  • Understand their own strengths and weaknesses in terms of emotional intelligence.
  • Identify areas where they can improve their emotional intelligence skills.
  • Develop strategies for managing their emotions in a healthy way.
  • Build stronger relationships with their team members.
  • Manage conflict more effectively.
  • Motivate and inspire their team members.
Overall, emotional intelligence assessment can be a valuable tool for leaders who want to improve their performance and develop their skills.
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Copyright 2011 Multi-Health Systems Inc. All rights reserved. Based on the Bar-On EQ-i model by Reuven Bar-On. Copyright 1997. Copyright © 2011 Multi-Health Systems Inc. All rights reserved. Based on the Bar-On EQ-i model by Reuven Bar-On. Copyright 1997.