I want to learn about my brand, reputation, strengths and opportunities

I want to learn about my brand, reputation, strengths and opportunities

If your goal is to learn about brand, reputation, strengths and opportunities – this is the package for you.

The Hogan 360 delivers a comprehensive appraisal of one’s reputation that can motivate the journey toward becoming a more successful leader. It assesses a manager’s workplace brand as seen typically by boss, peers, and direct reports.

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This package includes: 

  •  Self-assessment survey and multi-rater/360 survey
  • Pre-Brief (30-min). A walkthrough of the assessment process and timeline, considerations for identifying prospective evaluators, and expectations for a report debrief.
  • Assessment Administration. Coordination support during the assessment process and delivery of assessment results.
  • Debrief Process (60-min). An in-depth debrief designed to distill insights from the report findings and lay the groundwork for future development.
  • Development Activities Guide and Development Plan. 


  •  Up to six 45-min biweekly 1:1 Zoom calls 
  • Access to call recordings 
  • Detailed session notes with outlined action steps 
  • Access to private client tools, templates, frameworks, and other resources on a secured platform
  • Unlimited messenger support during office hours
The Hogan 360 includes:
  • 50 scaled items (7-point scale) mapped to the four quadrants of the Hogan 360 Leadership Model and their corresponding sub-themes
  • Strengths and opportunities tables that identify key strengths and opportunities
  • Three open-ended questions focusing on strengths, opportunities, and overused strengths
  • Appendices - Frequency tables that enable additional insights into the ratings provided


Research shows that leadership drives engagement which in turn drives performance. Leadership at the individual and team level has a huge impact on employee engagement. Engagement drives retention and 
performance which can be measured across safety, absenteeism, customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability. 

*In addition to the individual report, group and analytics reports are available.

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